Lightbox on a laptop

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, the little people in our household get a bit restless. I took the opportunity to sign up to Lightbox – Spark’s new TV streaming service which launched earlier this week. For any kind of online entertainment my bottom line is that it has to be quick and easy to sign-up, simple to […]

Twitter analytics

The Twitter analytics dashboard is both fascinating and depressing at the same time. It shows how many people actually see your tweets (the equivalent of ‘reach’ or ‘impressions’ in advertising lingo), and it is a sad, sad story (at least for my account). Anywhere from 10-20% of my followers see my tweets depending on the format, […]

laptop on table

Are you a social media lurker? If you are, there may be bad news on the horizon. The 90-9-1 principle says that in a typical online community, content is created by just 1% of the community, engaged with by 9% and passively consumed by the remaining silent 90%. This means that on a platform like Facebook, we scroll […]

kids app free

If it is raining outside and you have bored kids, here are a few ideas to keep them occupied during the school holidays.

The Real Reasons People Unfollow You On Twitter

There are a group of people on Twitter who persist with behaviour that seems to suggest that the rest of us are waiting anxiously for their next tweet. Unfortunately they are wrong.

I can’t stop watching this! Mesmerising and amazing all at the same time. Great one to bookmark for presentations to illustrate what is happening on the internet in real-time. Click the animation to open the full version (via

noisli orange 1280 x 512

Take a look at this simple Italian-made website and app which might even boost your productivity.