Originally posted on 3 March 2011

[Photo source: www.landscapedvd.com]

February 22 will stand out as the worst day this year. This decade. And for some, this century. Its been a horrific 10 days for the people of Christchurch – and also the people of New Zealand.
For those of us lucky enough to have escaped the earthquake with family and friends unhurt, it gives us pause to think about how fortunate we are, in contrast to how incredibly difficult it must be for those families who have lost loved ones, or those who are struggling in very difficult conditions with their lives literally in pieces around them.
If someone asked you ‘What’s the worst day this year’, undoubtedly February 22 will spring to your mind instantly. If someone asked ‘What’s your best day this year’ – what would you say?
In times of such overwhelming devastation, its difficult to remember those good days – but they are there. Think about them, treasure them, remember what its like to hold that feeling close to your heart.

For me, the best day of 2011 would have to be Wednesday 2nd February. After 5 weeks in hospital following a terrible car crash, my Dad was taken off a ventilator and was able to speak for the first time this year. When he was first admitted to ICU he was battered and bruised on the outside, was broken on the inside with massive internal injuries and his car was a crumpled ball of metal that was tossed in the corner of the panelbeaters. The severity of his injuries meant that he couldn’t breathe on his own, couldn’t move, couldn’t speak and we relied on small head movements for communication. My world stood still for a moment when I first saw him.
That special feeling of being able to chat to my Dad again – such a simple thing, but so incredibly important. Not only was it a significant step in his recovery, but also such a huge change to be able to have 2 way communication again. He spent a very very long 8 weeks in hospital coping with unthinkable pain and suffering.
I’m incredibly thankful that I still have my Dad, and over the past week I have often thought of those in Christchurch who have suddenly lost theirs, and how unbearable that would be.
So for those of us who still have our Dads, or those who have a best day this year that they treasure in their hearts – remember those days. Think of them often. Share them with your friends.
We are lucky ones. So unbelievably lucky.