Recently I was honoured to be contacted by the amazing Joyce Sullivan and Finxtra’s Liz Lumley to be invited to join a panel submission with Anna O’Brien (ex Citibank VP Social Media) and Sarah Carter (Actiance) for SXSW Interactive in March 2012 (a massive Digital Interactive Festival in Texas attended by 20,000 people each year).

The reason I am so honoured is that I’m just a social media mad Kiwi chick literally living on the bottom of the world, and have not met any of these amazing ladies based in the USA and UK. But they reached out to me and invited me to join them on the basis of my social media presence combined with working in the finance industry (as they all are). If that’s not a great reason to be devoting a bit of your day to mixing it up on social media, then I don’t know what is!

The SXSW panelpicker is a cut throat business which allows the community to have their say on which topics they would like to see at the huge SXSW Interactive Festival. Which counts for nearly a third of the votes. The rest of the voting is made up of people I don’t know and can’t influence on the SXSW staff and advisory board. Hmmmmm.  That’s where you come in.

There are 3,266 panels submitted this year. Eeeeek.

I need you.

Cast your vote here and send me to Texas! Voting closes on Friday 2 September 2011.

Thanks Mum, I know you are probably the only one reading this and voting. xx

PS: Here’s the blurb on the panel submission – its going to be awesome.

FinTech Rockstars, Did We Mention We’re Women? 

Tweet, trade, and be fabulous doing it. Hear from global financial services and technology leaders, who happen to be women, how they use social media to drive innovation and change in this highly regulated industry. In an easy to understand format, you’ll learn what social media regulation means in the day-to-day workings of financial services organizations. Insights into the use of social data and measurement metrics to support and promote your organization’s foray into social media will also be offered. With smarts, humor and grace, this group will share their secrets of success, and give you the essential tools you’ll need to be a Fintech Rockstar in your own organization.

  1. What is going on today with social media use in financial services and technology around the globe?
  2. Who is driving this global phenomenon? Panelists from US, UK, New Zealand to discuss
  3. How social media drives and shapes our work lives > event planning, financial services, software development, customer service, branch management, compliance and regulation
  4. How this group drives innovation in the financial services and technology industry
  5. How to be a successful social media pioneer in a highly regulated industry