Coming up with new blog ideas can be either a feast or a famine. If you are in the famine phase at the moment, here are 10 simple ideas that might help get you inspired on a new topic.

  1. ‘How To’ Posts – write a post with instructions on how to do something that is useful for your readers. These are often the most popular posts to read (with great catchy titles) and also easy to write.
  2. Do A Review – give your opinion or perspective on something topical or new.
  3. Make a List – for example ‘5 Best Money Saving Tips’. These are also very popular with readers. If your list gets too long, then consider splitting it into 2 posts (bonus!).
  4. Interview An Expert – hunt down an expert in your field and interview them (if you video the interview you can also post this on your blog).
  5. Link To Another Post – provide a link to an insightful or recommended post in your industry with your commentary about it.
  6. Take An Alternate View – write a post that takes the opposite view on a topic. Be controversial!
  7. Run A Poll – ask a question on Twitter, Facebook or just round the office and share the answers in a post with some commentary.
  8. Compare and Contrast 2 Issues/Ideas/Products – also known as pros and cons.
  9. Write A Case Study – write up a case study of a situation that has happened.
  10. Storify The Best Tweets From An Event Or Situation – if there is an event in your area of interest (eg a conference) or if a situation has occurred that will be of interest to your readers (eg Facebook IPO), then use Storify to capture the best tweets, photos and posts and embed them into your blog.