Pinterest is fast gaining momentum as a serious contender on the social network sphere. Already it drives more referral traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus – combined – rivaling Twitter- and has 10.4m registered users.

So it’s time to move to Pinterest 2.0 and introduce more features based on the rapidly expanding customer base.

My top 12 enhancements I’d like to see are:

  1. Allow selected Pinterest Boards to be private. There are just some things you’d like to pin that maybe you don’t want to share with the whole world. Or maybe you are a brand who is developing a Pinterest Board that you want to keep hidden until a later date or a campaign launch.
  2. Gimme Stats. Tell me which of my pins are the most Repinned, the most Liked, the most Commented. Also telling me the click through rates from pins to the source website would be awesome.
  3. Follower Numbers. At present Pinterest shows you how many followers you have on your profile. But if you are like me, you may have a whole range of Pinterest Boards and not all of these are as fascinating to everyone as they are to me. So followers pick and choose which Boards they follow – and these people are not reflected in your profile follower stats. I’ve found the follower numbers for individual Boards are much higher than my profile follower numbers. Please Pinterest, show me how many people are following each Board in one place?
  4. Allow Any Contributors to Boards. Currently individual Boards can be set up to allow named, multiple contributors, however being able to setup a Board that any Pinterest member can contribute to would be very useful, especially for brands.
  5. Suggest Who To Follow Like many other social networks, suggestions of who to follow on Pinterest based on my pins and repins would be useful. Finding these people at the moment can be challenging
  6. Finding people from other social networks. Currently your Facebook Friends can be identified reasonably easily, but allowing me to find my friends from Twitter, or my email address list or other sources would boost sharing and connecting. The search function in Pinterest is not the best – even if you know someone exists!
  7. Allow Pins/Repins to multiple Boards. Sometimes a pin will be of interest to followers of different Boards (since many followers just follow individual Boards) but at present you can only post to one Board at a time.
  8. Filter out Repins. Just like Twitter does with RTs. Please.
  9. Notify me if I have already pinned an image. Pins often circulate round again after a few weeks, but if I have already pinned an image then Pinterest should warn me before I repin it again.
  10. An iPad app. You know you need one. Something like Flipboard would be awesome.
  11. Let me mark Boards I am following as Favourites. Once you start following a lot of people or Boards, it would be great to have a way to list or favourite the Pinners you love.
  12. Filter out specific words or types of pins. There are only so many Infographics a girl can take. And once you are over all the Valentines day or Christmas themed pins then lets just hide them away somewhere else.

These are just a few of the things I’ve noticed that i think would improve Pinterest. if you have others, share them in the comments below.

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  1. My wife recommended Pinterest to me – she is in no way in the Geek community so it’s obviously got mass market appeal very quickly, as your stats show. I did get recommended people to follow when I joined but like your other suggestions. Interesting to see where it goes

  2. Good post..Gonna slot your blog into my “When I Have Time” section in Google Reader.. hehe.. Maybe one day you will make it to “Essential Reading”.

    So here we go with the comments…

    1. Yup!
    2. PLEASE! Stats are sorely needed. Maybe even open up the doors for Klout integration?
    3. Agreed, though I question it’s actual “usefulness” (especially if some of your other suggestions are added), it is a nice bell or whistle. Do I want it? Yes. Need it? Probably not.
    4. Agreed that this is helpful, but I dont know if it would be good fro Brands. Perhaps niche or smaller, more easily focused/defined brands, but otherwise this seems like just the type of thing Brands would not want to deal with.
    5. I would like this too, but I find a lot of success by treating the Repin section as a Suggested user list already. If I find something particularly cool, I’ll almost always check out the boards of anyone who pinned it.
    6. Very much agree and arguably the easiest/soonest suggestion to be implemented. At this point all logic points to virtually all sites allowing this.
    7. Oh my God.. YES!
    8. No!!! Strongly disagree.. Perhaps we can meet in the middle and have them hidden with a button to show them?
    9. Yup.. Though I think it would still need to be tied to the site and not the image. If one site names an image “car.jpg” and another names it “toyota.jpg” then I think Pinterest’s hands are tied.
    10. Again.. cant imagine it not already deep in the pipeline. I’ll go one step further and hope that an “App” section will be added.
    11. How hard would it be to add a little star (hooray for universal symbols!) next to the board name?
    12. Meh… Not entirely sure I agree with this one.. I suppose Pinterest is like most social networks in that it is many things to many people, so far be it from me to criticize any way someone uses a site, but I feel like this “breaks” the idea of the Pinboards. The things a user posts to a board is there because they want people to see it… not because they want people to see it.. if they happen to be looking for that sort of thing.

    Hope that last one even made sense.

    Side note: Hit up the “Goodies” tab in Pinterest and get a snazzy button for this blog instead of that text link to your boards.

  3. Hi Simone, another interesting post thanks. One more thing I was noticing today that would be really handy if Pinterest had a function to pin multiple photos from the same web page at the same time.

  4. An official Android app (aswell as iOS) would be nice!

  5. I would love an option to make things complete (visible only to the pinned). I pin a ton of recipes & DIY projects that I would love if I could quickly sort to show only ones I haven’t tried yet when looking for something new to try or make

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  7. Howdy,
    Would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re working with? I’m
    going to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a tough time making a decision between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique.

    P.S. My apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!

  8. Re: #7

    Anyone have a solution for this???? I have a recipes blog that I would like to pin the same image to several of my shared/group boards at once…. instead I am stuck scrolling through all my boards and doing it one by one. Help! 🙂

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