One of the fascinating aspects about Pinterest is that it creates an interest graph (people with a similar interest) rather than a social graph (people you know). There will be some overlap of course, but the purely visual nature of Pinterest means that pinners with similar taste, style, humour etc will be drawn to each other. Once other pinners begin repinning your pins, you start wondering where they all come from!

Here are a few tips to build your Pinterest community:

  1. Give your Boards cool names. For example: a bad name would be : ‘Clothes’; a better name would be ‘Cool Threads’; and even better would be: ‘Trinny & Suzannah Eat Your Heart Out’. You get the idea.
  2. Organize your Boards so the empty ones are at the end, and the fullest ones are at the beginning of your Pinterest profile. When someone visits your profile, all your Boards are displayed so the first ones they see need to grab them. The first Board will probably be the most followed one, so make sure it is a topic that you will regularly pin images into. If you look like you don’t pin anything interesting or intriguing, or are not really active, then they probably wont want to follow you. Also, fill up a couple of Boards – it only takes 9 pins.Image
  3. Share your pins (occasionally – but don’t spam everyone!) on other social networks e.g. Twitter and Facebook. It’s hard to create another community from scratch so sharing your pins with the communities you have already established will help attract followers. Also, if your pins are cool, interesting and shareable then people will want to follow you.
  4. Complete the Pinterest category for all your boards so your pins show up to all pinners (including people not following you) when browsing under Everything/ Category.


5. Add the Pinterest Follow Me and Pin It buttons to your websites. All the info you need to do this is here. Or if you are a brand with a Facebook Page, you can add Pinterest to your Facebook Page here.

Share any other tips you have in the comments!

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  1. 6. Don’t forget to check your own boards every now & again, and delete links that have become invalid.

  2. Interesting Article. I have read about a billion articles on the net on how to increase Pinterest followers. Gotta say they are all pretty similar, none the less very helpful though! And there is no doubt that following these 5 steps will increase your followers! Goodluck to everyone 🙂


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