It is rumoured that Facebook will announce Timelines for Brand Pages later this month. If it is similar Imageto the personal Timelines (and Facebook prefers consistency between personal and brand experiences) then this offers a fantastic opportunity for creatives due to highly visual nature of the page. Brands will also be able to add history on the Timeline back to the beginning of the organisation, not just when they joined Facebook.

However on the flip side, there are some questions that brands should consider when preparing for the Timeline launch.

  • If you have custom landing pages or tabs on your Facebook Page, then how will these be displayed and accessed by your Fans? For example, many brands have Community Guidelines about their Page which cover off what is expected from the community, the hours a brand will respond, what is not allowed to be posted etc. How will Fans be able to see this information?
  • What will non Fans see when they visit your brand page – and is this a different view from what Fans will see?
  • Custom apps will need to be launched from somewhere on the Brand Timeline. How will this work?
  • Currently Facebook Pages provide a toggle between seeing All posts to the Page, and just the brand posts. If this is not available, it will be very difficult for Page admins to manage a large number of posts on the Page in a short space of time to ensure the brand message is being seen (such as an incident with a large customer impact). Any brands in the service industry should be concerned about this – I’m looking at you telcos, banks, media and airlines.
  • How will brands be able to host competitions? The current Facebook Promotion Guidelines do not allow competitions to be hosted on the current Wall – will this be the same with Timelines?

While you are mulling that over, here are a few mockups of how Timelines may look for some brands.

And now we will just wait and see.