There is a real conundrum that anyone working in social media will face after about 5 minutes in the job.

On one hand, you are active on lots of different social networks, and part of your job is to find and share a lot of content with a whole lot of people you don’t know.

On the other hand, you are probably privy to a sizable amount of sensitive information about your customers, your competitors and others in the social media community. If you are naturally a bit of a detective, then you will be able to piece together a lot of snippets and put them together in your sleep – and people will raise their eyebrows at you when you speak (true story).

You’ll know who had drinks with who, which couple has broken up/back together, you’ll know what the back story was behind a customer complaint, you’ll know why someone starts trolling another person or company, you’ll know who quit – or was fired, you’ll know who is being paid to tweet enthusiastically about some promotion, you’ll know what is going on inside your competitors business …. and that’s probably in the first 20 tweets/ checkins/posts/blogs/direct messages etc.

So it’s pretty hard to keep a secret when your natural inclination is to share news with the people you will know are interested. But – if you can’t keep a secret, then you shouldn’t be in this game. You’ll be skinned alive, outcast and sidelined like you never existed.

Save all those stories for telling your grandchildren as you are bouncing them on your knee. It will be better that way, believe me.


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  1. Such a good point! I find that my conundrum is that I have to be *more* secretive. I don’t have as many secrets as you by the sound of it (!!) but I do feel a bit backed into the corner in my personal social media spaces. Some things rattling around in my head have no place online – too many people looking (a fair few trickling across from my work social media spaces), too many people to offend! Perhaps I need a 13 year-old’s diary with a lock on it 🙂

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