This isn’t one of my usual blogs, but it’s been on my mind and so I felt compelled to write it.

Sometimes in life we get to a fork in the road, and we have to choose a direction to take. An opportunity might arise at work, your family situation might change, or some external influence forces you to make a change in your circumstances. Whatever it is, when you are at the fork, it can be a heart wrenching decision to decide which path to take.

I have a friend who has been going through this – let’s call her Sam – and I can see the struggle she has had. She had some changes in her life and her work which meant she had an opportunity to go for a different kind of role, one which might have been out of her comfort zone, but one which she would have enjoyed immensely and found hugely challenging both professionally and personally. Sam is quite an easy going girl on the surface. She seems pretty switched on, has her life trucking along happily. She is smart, funny, loved by many and well respected by her peers. But while she was wrestling with the decision of whether to take this opportunity, she was very unsettled. She would react surprisingly irrationally at small things, and I could see her riding an emotional roller coaster while she worked through what to do in her head.

Sometimes the best opportunities come along but the timing is all wrong.

In the end Sam made her decision, and once she had, she was much happier. The Sam we knew and loved came back and although in some ways she was a bit sad at times, she had made her decision and it felt right to her. She had worked out what was important to her, what she valued, what was at the core of her – and then she made her decision based on that.

You never know what is further down the fork you have chosen on your road.

There is a bit of Sam in all of us I think.


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  1. Very well said. I concur. I had something similar recently and when I made my choice it felt like a piece of me had died (that is the thing I left behind) but I know that ultimately I made the right choice.

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  3. Most decisions (especially big ones) come with a sacrifice or two. I’m currently weighing up a couple of changes which seem relatively big to me right now and on which I am betting my future happiness.
    Even though I don’t feel all that different this year, I know that I’m not who I can be – who I want to be – in those moments when I’m really happy with everything.
    It’s worth the risk to make a change I think – and in most circumstances we can always change it back or move on from there so why not?
    Loved this post Simone.

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