May 2, 2012



Such powerful tools. So much can be conveyed with words – passion, humour, opinion, irony, humility, curiosity, emotion and many many more.

I’ve struggled with writing. I love it, but I know I could do much better. I admire those who can so easily compose and write, and can use every day language but in a different and clever way.  Twitter can bring out the best and worst in a writer. To condense your message down into just 140 characters or less is a challenge. Taking out vowels and every third letter is, quite frankly, insulting to the reader. But to cleverly use language to convey your message with such preciseness and clarity is an art and a skill that not many have mastered.

I’ve always been in awe of those who have such a skillful grasp on words. And I’m not talking about people who know lots of long complicated words which no-one understands. Or those who set the jargon radar ringing at a loud 10/10.  I’m talking about the people who artfully use language to convey a picture or a feeling or a sentiment. You probably know a few of them too: they will suggest 5 different alternatives for any verb or adjective you can mention, can create rhyme and rhythm like the Flight of the Conchords and they unfailingly know where the apostrophes go.

One day I will be a wordsmith, but until then I’ll continue to read and enjoy the words of others. I’m hoping it’s something you can learn, not need to be born with.


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  2. So true….like the lyrics to a favourite song, it’s often the words of others that inspire us the most….there’s nothing more powerful than hearing people speaking the truth with passion.

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