We’ve had a few changes round the office recently, and so last week I moved desks.

This is not my new desk, but it might as well be.

Not a big deal by any means, and my new desk is quite nice – much bigger space, better view, close to the wine supply. Perfect really.

But I wasn’t overly keen on the idea of moving desks – not because I didn’t want to move, butΒ becauseΒ I would be forced to sort through all my stuff and make decisions about whether to keep or discard things that I had thought were important for years and years.

Stuff. There is a lot of it isn’t there? Some of mine has followed me round for over 5 years. Some of it was piled up all over my desk and was just generally untidy, others was in a box under my desk since the last move and had never been opened but I kicked it every day and cursed it.

So, except for a small box of photos andΒ memorabilia, I threw the lot out. I never looked at it, so I had no idea why I was storing it. And it felt good. Why do we hoard all this stuff that we don’t need or want? Why is it so hard to make keep v discard decisions?

My new desk is very uncluttered, clean, spacious and feels like a fresh start. I’d been there approximately 10 minutes when I heard I may be moving again. This time I’m ready.


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  1. Ha ha, I am facing the same drama when I have to pack up to go on maternity leave in a couple of weeks. Why am I such a hoarder?

    • Emma – imagine if the baby came early! Your workmates would probably chuck everything out while you are away and no-one would be the wiser πŸ˜‰

  2. “Sclerosis” springs to mind as a description. Or “desk plaque”.

  3. How many times have you seen those cool office environments where everyone is in bean bags, riding their Segway or scooter, sipping coffee from the numerous free flow cafe’s or heading to a private cone-of-silence cubby holes in a cunningly laid out library type space? Soooo cool. Yet our adherence to “stuff” and resistance to change stops us realising the joy of such environments. Great to hear you’ve shed 5 yrs worth of stuff and become more agile. It’s liberating isn’t it? Bring on the Segway bean bag with inbuilt cone of silence. Bring on a workplace without…”stuff”!

  4. I carted a box of ‘important’ things from my old job to my current one, making use of the only box that was a handy at the time, a paper recycling box. It sat under my new desk for a couple of years, until a particularly efficient cleaner dumped the lot. (My fault for leaving it in the recycling box!) My dismay lasted for approximately 2 seconds, and was then overwhelmed by relief!

    I have another similar box gathering dust under my desk now, inspired by your story I think I’ll just dump it now, without reviewing what’s in it!

    Enjoy your fresh start πŸ™‚

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