I used to have a Blackberry. In fact I still do, but I don’t use it much (RIP RIM). One of the features of the Blackberry was that you could put your name and contact details on the lock screen which was handy if you ever lost it, or if you mixed yours up with someone else in the scramble to leave the meeting room.

When I got my iPhone, and now my iPad, I discovered this feature is not readily available. I have a passcode on both devices so what would happen if I left it behind somewhere? I do have Find My iPhone installed on both devices, but say I just left it on someone’s else’s desk, or in a taxi or something – the person that found it might not know how to contact me as the screen is locked.

I saw this on Matt Gemmell’s blog Β and thought it was a great idea.

Grab your favourite photo, then using a photo editing tool (I used Photogene for iPad) add in your contact details, and set this as your custom lock screen (go to Settings> Brightness & Wallpaper on your iPad).

On my iPad, I have written my iPhone number (blacked out in the image above so you guys wont be tempted to crank call me). On my iPhone I have my landline number, and on both I have my Twitter handle. You can add email addresses, company details etc.

Simple. And now I sleep a little bit easier at night.