If you have not heard of Klout, it is website that runs a mysterious algorithm over your social media posts and assigns a daily score which you can use to triumphantly shout loudly at the office, or beat yourself to a pulp while sobbing hysterically, or – perhaps most sensibly – take with a grain of salt and Keep Calm And Carry On.

“Your Klout Score measures your online influence on a scale of 1 to 100”

In case you are wondering, the average score is 40. Yes it is.

Klout has just made another change to its finger lickin’ algorthim which has moved everyone’s scores and has a new dashboard which looks like this.

The qualifying score for Klout Perks (a special offer program for those with a certain level of Klout) is also 40, so this may be a move by Klout to further monetise their business, rather than allowing only the top Klout scores to be offered Perks.

Here is their explanation of how the new Klout algorithm works.

Some key points:

  • Everyone has online influence. Everyone!
  • Connecting other social networks to Klout will not drop your score, so don’t be scared. They want that data just as much as you want that score to go up!
  • Don’t adopt a stupid strategy of only engaging with people with high Klout scores. You’ll look like a dick, and it won’t improve your score.
  • Good things take time – changes in your score won’t happen overnight. You need to be consistent!
  • Being a very active tweeter/poster/checkerinner will not mean a high Klout score – activity does not equal influence.

The new Klout does away with some of the previous profile features and now shows ‘Moments’ which are those posts which had a high level of engagement (Likes, Comments, Mentions, RTs etc). I did notice that some ofย my Moments were ones which I had only shared with my friends on Facebook – but I could remove these from the Moments Timeline manually so I just did that.

Also, interestingly enough, even though this feature has not yet been rolled out to everyone, I can see other people’s Klout Moments. Here’s my mate Vaughn Davis’ Moments ย – ironically about being Influential!

If you want to know what your top Klout Moment is over the past 90 days and can’t wait for the general rollout then ping me on Twitter @simonemccallum and I’ll do my best!

Update: Klout have now added a toggle between your private and public Moments. Nice.


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  1. Hey Simone –

    Thanks for posting this and for sharing your feedback on the preview version of Klout. We love hearing what you think about the preview! With this redesign and with moments, we’re trying to help everyone who uses Klout move away from focusing on the score and instead understanding how they’ve made an impact on other people.

    One thing I want to make clear is that we respect Facebook’s privacy settings.

    You saw posts that were set just for your Facebook friends in your moments view because you’re the owner of your Facebook account and you authorized Klout to access those posts. These moments were never visible to the public — just to you as the account owner, and to your Facebook friends if they viewed your Klout profile.

    Your Facebook posts that are marked ‘public’ that then become influential moments can be viewed by anyone who logs in to Klout and accesses your Klout profile.

    Your Facebook posts which become moments that are set as viewable by your friends will only be shown to your Facebook friends who log in to Klout.

    Your posts that have custom settings (specific people, lists, friends of friends) will only be displayed to approved people who’ve directly interacted with those posts on Facebook, who log in to Klout.

    You can remove any moments you don’t want shown as part of your profile by doing just what you described (manually clicking the ‘X’ in the top right of a moment to remove it).


  2. Klout continues to weird me out with its results. My Klout score is now 48, and I’m influential on the topics of gay marriage, oceans and Facebook. WTF?

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