I recently had a couple of days off work. Just a long weekend. (Side note – I was surprised how many people said ‘How was your holiday?’. A holiday is 6 weeks in Italy, enjoying gelato, chianti and sunshine. A holiday is not Friday & Monday off work in October).

Anyway, I was struck by how much more ‘content’ you have to share when on holiday. In any given working day I spend a large chunk of my day ‘playing around on Facebook’ (as it has been described) on the work account. It is what i do for a living. But when I look at my own personal profile, it is sadly neglected with a few random photos of lunches, or a shared link or two, mostly done late at night which all go unseen into the social media ether. If I gave myself a rating for my community management of my own social profiles, I would be generous in awarding 4/10.

However, when on holiday it seems to be a completely different story. No pretending-to-be-arty coffee shots here! Lots of new scenery, photos of the kids having a ball, insightful yet useless observations about the local surroundings. Plus heaps more content shared from others as the amount of free time suddenly blossoms and I make a dent in my RSS feed for once.

I’m not sure whether it is a function of the free(er) time, or the different surroundings and routine, or if it is something different? Whatever it is, it’s certainly worthwhile stepping outside of the daily grind to get a fresh perspective and to think about things differently.


I posted this during my long weekend:

We went for a walk after the storm, Ms 5 and me. The waves had washed up all the forgotten debris from the ocean, scattered across the wet sand. Bits of driftwood, seaweed, shells and memories trapped in the waves.

Wandering amongst it all we spied this lovely oyster catcher couple who flew off into the sun together when Ms 5 chased them away from the treasure.