There’s been a fair amount of talk about the reduced reach brands have been seeing on their Facebook posts, and as a result, an increase in the amount of Promoted Posts appearing in your Newsfeed.

It has also been reported by the Inside Facebook blog that Facebook are testing a separate feed where you can go to see all the recent posts from the brand pages you have Liked. Here is their article including a screen grab of how the new Page Feed will appear on the left hand menu on your Facebook homepage.

My reaction to this news?

Let’s assume for a minute (based on no facts whatsoever – as there are none yet) that this new Pages Feed contains all the posts from brands you have liked, and that perhaps only paid posts will appear in your main Newsfeed. How then will small businesses without hefty marketing budgets, who rely on their organic reach, ever be able to communicate with their Facebook community again? Will it even work on mobile I wonder?

“I’ll just go and check my Facebook Pages Feed” said no-one ever.

If you’d like to see what your Pages Feed would look like, then you can view it using this link here.Β Enjoy!


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  1. Yeah but then i would doubt if people would especially go to see that separate feed

  2. Simone – great post – fun tweet. We’ve had some opinions on facebook for small business too recently on engagement levels here:
    You and your readers may find it of interest. Glad to have found your site – we’ll be back!

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