Ever seen your webcam light turn green for no known reason…..?

The New York Times published an article recently about personal internet security, and amongst other things mentioned was putting a bit of tape over your laptop webcam in case malware switches it on, and someone spies on you.

Put your hand up if you are feeling a bit nervous?

I asked on Twitter the other night if anyone did this and freaked a few people out. I also did a bit of Google research when writing this blog and started feeling very uneasy. There is even a Wikipedia entry for it – called camfecting.

It would appear that there are some real risks that your webcam could get hacked or some malware is activated and you may end up with someone spying on you when you have your laptop or computer on.

Here are a few tips:

  • Keep your antivirus updated
  • Be safe on the web, especially when it comes to opening email attachments or spam Twitter DMs which say ‘OMG I just read this blog about you’ etc.
  • Turn off your computer or shut the laptop when you are dancing naked round the lounge
  • Always wear mascara – just in case (guys: up to you whether you want to follow this one)
  • Watch that little green light on your laptop. Tape it up if it turns on unexpectedly. It’s the one thing hackers haven’t managed to circumvent yet.

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  1. Stuff like this bothers me. That there are actually people who take the time to figure out how to do meaningless things like this. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Appreciate tips #3 and 4, didn’t know that, will do. Thx

  3. Keeping your operating system and applications patched is going to provide a lot more protection than antivirus will.

    * use a host based firewall (inbound and outbound)
    * don’t run your machine as admin
    * use strong passwords that are unique per account
    * use browser plugins to block scripts / alert you to untrustworthy sites

  4. highly recommend what bongo99 said

    also: the little green light is often software-controllable, meaning the bad guys can ensure it won’t switch on when the camera does – tape is the safe bet.

    I also keep my office strategically messy and myself disheveled so to give the impression I’m not worth watching 😉

  5. Do you know if it happens with iPad and iPhones? Sometimes I wonder…

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