Search On, Smartypants.

Google has launched a new daily puzzle where you pitch your search skills against the clock in ‘A Google A Day’.

If you allow it to integrate with your social networks (Google+, naturally), you will get nine questions each day instead of one. And you can compete against your friends, unlock badges, get bonus points and all the usual social gaming stuff. Shame there is no-one on Google+ though (off topic).

I played a few rounds against myself and here are a couple of the questions:

Google removes the searches to the daily question from your search results. Clever! If you play it enough, in theory you will improve your search skills and discover the tips and tricks about how to hone in on the answer you are searching endlessly for. Good skills for everyone to learn because search is becoming increasingly important in todays’s world where there is more information than we can ever possibly consume or remember.

Search On, Smartypants.