Haiku Deck is a great little free iPad app for making simple, fast but gorgeous presentations.

It uses preloaded images and themes to create your story, and the beauty of it is that it forces you to simplify your presentation and just talk to the image. No more death by bullet points!

It is super easy to create a presentation, just type your heading and Haiku Deck will suggest images for you based on the key words.

Choose how you would like the titles to position on the slide from the preset options.
Select a theme to apply to the fonts and image filters, position them on the page and that is slide one all done!

You can share your finished slide deck via email, Facebook, Twitter and best of all, it now exports to Powerpoint – so you have more flexibility for making further edits, adding graphs, sharing with others, or running on that office laptop. Internet browsers can also access the Haiku presentation in the cloud via an emailed link.

Reasons I love it:

  1. The photos are already presentation sized – no mucking around with cropping or pixelated images. Big time saver.
  2. The photos are beautiful – no need to sift through piles of very average images. All the selection has been done for you already. Another big time saver.
  3. All images are Creative Commons – keeps my conscience clear. There is even a Commercial Use filter if you are using the images for a commercial presentation.
  4. If you want to include your own image or screen grab, then you can import these too.

There are also templates created by the community that you can utilise – here is one for a Startup-Pitch-TemplateΒ (in pdf format).

You can download the free Haiku Deck iPad app here. Android versions areΒ allegedlyΒ on their way!

I love using this app – love it!