silo park flyerHello Auckland – you are really looking fabulous this summer! And so many great things to do around the city as well. The Wynyard Quarter has come alive and right now you can cruise along to an outdoor movie with your friends, pick up some food and drinks from the Night Markets and enjoy the warm evenings. And let’s face it, Auckland doesn’t have that many warm evenings so while they are here you should take advantage of them!

Last night I popped down to Silo Park for a bite to eat and to watch Moonrise Kingdom on the side of the tank farm silo.

My tips:

  • It gets really busy, so get there early to secure a seat. We arrived about 7:45pm and spots were filling up fast.
  • Parking is short. We saw people walking with their bean bags over their shoulders from Victoria Park…!
  • There is grass to sit on but these seats go first. Then there is concrete. Taking cushions or seats might be a good idea. There were loads of people with camping chairs, bean bags, sun loungers, duvets, cushions, blankets and rugs. There were also people who had come straight from the beach.
  • There is a liquor ban in the area as you would expect. The night markets have a bar where you can buy drinks – but you need to consume these drinks within the roped off bar area (ie: not where your bean bag & friends are sitting!). There were a few security guards walking roundΒ that monitored people who had drinks outside of the marked area, however as it got more and more crowded -and darker and darker – it became hard to enforce the rules. I saw plenty of people drinking beers during the movie when it was dark. Just saying.
  • The food trucks are great – but awfully busy. I queued at the MexiKai truck for silomovies4over 20 minutes to get my tacos. But they were yum! There was only one stall that was selling water for drinking (seemed to have a monopoly) so I’d suggest bringing your own. There was also only one place that had cash out (although there is an ASB ATM installed into a container down by the Viaduct Events Centre). Gluten free peeps should also take note – the paella place had sold out by 8pm and most of the other options were heavily focused on bread (except for the MexiKai tacos). Bringing your own snacks might be wise.
  • The movie itself starts at 9pm (when it is dark) and the sound and picture are both surprisingly good. There is a 10 minute intermission at about 10pm, and they helpfully project up a map of the toilets for you on the screen. Very handy!

Here is the Silo Park website with more information about the upcoming movies (Top Gun next week, plus Sound of Music, Marley and Princess Bride) and they have a Facebook Page here which is worth keeping an eye on for updates. Already today they have said that there will be more food trucks and toilets next week. And did I mention that the movie itself is free? Thanks Auckland Council!

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  1. I really enjoyed Friday night too. Hmmm…I never knew there was a liquor ban and I’ve been to many events at Silo and always enjoyed BYO. I guess if you sit deep in the middle of the crowd, security just turn a blind eye. I believe the liquor ban is to stop excessive drinking and so that security have the right to remove people who are being a nuisance. We were there from 7pm and it was pretty full already. All good until a row of oldies parked their big chairs in front of us. Can be a little annoying but once they settle, you can find gaps between them to see the screen. I think they’ve done an amazing job with the space with good quality events.

  2. Looking forward to checking this out soon – hopefully we’ll get the perfect summer evening πŸ™‚

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