I decided to change my blog theme to freshen up the look a bit (and to be honest I was getting a bit bored of it). Also, the theme I had required a very wide – and not very tall-  feature image which was hard to accomodate.

I had a look at the WordPress themes – so many to choose from! I use WordPress.com and there are 205 different themes but finally settled on the Watson theme because I liked the clean uncluttered design.

A few tips for choosing a blog theme:

  • Think about how many images versus long form posts you will be doing. There are some great themes to profile just images – however they won’t be as suitable for text blog posts.
  • Take a look at the support forum for the theme you like. This way you will see any common issues that are encountered – and whether there is a fix for them or not. I discovered that one of the themes I liked didn’t have a version for viewing on mobile and tablet devices, so I scrapped that one from my list.
  • Themes that will automagically resize your photos so you don’t need several versions will save you time (eg different sizes for the thumbnail, featured image and the post image)
  • Support forums will also give you an idea of how responsive the support is (and whether you are likely to get a fault fixed at all). The theme I chose was from The Theme Foundry and I can see they are very active on their support forums and provide excellent service so that was another factor in my decision.
  • Use the Live Preview options to see how your existing blog will look under the new theme. You might need to tweak a few things once it applied – for instance I decided to alter the images for my featured posts as the sizes under my previous theme did not work well in the new theme.
  • When you apply the theme, choose a time when you are not expecting a lot of web traffic (ie not just after a new post) as your blog might look a bit weird while you are figuring out the various theme options and deciding what works best for you.
  • The Watson theme had a 20 minute video which showed how to create the demo site from scratch –  an incredibly helpful resource which answered all of my ‘How do I….?’ questions.

I switched my theme over last night – took a few hours in the evening, and I’m enjoying the new look. Hope you do too!