Last week I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary delivery of My Food Bag (thanks Pead PR!). Putting the social media kerfuffle about the launch to one side – what is My Food Bag actually like?  Initially slightly skeptical, after a week enjoying delicious dinners,  I’m a fully converted fan. 

Here are my top 5 reasons you should consider giving it a whirl:

  1. The food is so fresh, you can smell it. In fact after a week, the bag of rocket was still fresher than the supermarket variety. Organic, free range and fresh from the farm definitely does make a difference to the taste. It’s how food is supposed to be!
  2. Delivered free to the door means less trips to the shops – no battling the supermarket queue at 6pm! Which means more time for other stuff.
  3. You know how you have 3 or 4 recipes that you fall back on all the time? This is an easy way to add another few to your list. Nadia’s recipes were easy and super tasty – we gave the chicken dish another run with friends over the weekend, and it was met with much awe and comment.
  4. On a Sunday night you are sorted for dinners for most of the week. Nothing like crossing that off your To Do list.
  5. You’ll be eating healthy, balanced dinners for the week. No guilty takeaways on the way home from the office!

My Food Bag is definitely something I’d order regularly – probably not every week, but maybe once a month. You can read my previous blog about it here.

Orders close on at midnight on Monday for the Sunday delivery. I’m off to place mine!

salmon salad My Food Bag

Salmon Nicoise Salad from the Classic My Food Bag


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  1. I just placed my order too but am going to have to remember to cancel it … there doesn’t seem to be a one-off or casual option just weekly or fortnightly )-:

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