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Last week I read this NY Times article about free photo editing app Tadaa describing it as a ‘sophisticated Instagram alternative’ – sounds intriguing!  So over the weekend I gave Tadaa a whirl to see how it compared with other apps on my iPhone such as Instagram and Camera+.

Now I love Instagram as much as you probably do – their filters are the bomb. But there are a few things about Instagram that irk me. Like how all photos must be cropped to square. And how you must share your photos even if you just want to apply Amaro and save to your camera roll for emailing to your mum. Like the clumsy reposting/sharing of images. And how you can’t tell if someone is following you. Not biggies, but still slightly irksome.

Tadaa is a clever little app – it is aimed at high end iPhoneographers so it packs in extra features not available in Instagram and Camera+.

Things I like about Tadaa:

    • Unlike Instagram, your photos can be viewed inline on Twitter if you share from the app (Twitter Cards still supported).
    • Photos do not need to be cropped to square!
    • You can view the live filters through the lens as you take the photo! Great if you are setting up a shot. Just swipe your image to preview the next filter.
    • The preloaded filters can be dialed back when applying (eg just have 78% of the filter strength applied. Or 24%). You know when your Hefe filter is just too Hefe? No more on Tadaa.
    • You can reorder the filters so you aren’t scrolling through them all just to get your fav one at the end.
    • The HD Tilt Shift feature allows the depth of focus/blur to be adjusted with fine controls – radius, shape, degree of blur. Plus an image select feature that allows you to apply a function to just a selected part of the photo. This. Is. Amazing.
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Tadaa Image Selection Tool

  • Brightness, Contrast and Saturation are all adjustable for each image
  • You can save your photos to Camera Roll without sharing on Tadaa
  • Reposting of photos is easy
  • It is free with no hidden charges

Things I didn’t like as much about Tadaa:

  • Who can be bothered creating another community of people to follow etc? Especially when Instagram is so well established.
  • Auto sharing on Facebook displays like sharing a link – not like the Facebook-owned Instagram which shows the whole photo.
  • You needed to switch the location feature off each time – irritating. There should be a global setting.
  • The UI can take a little bit of getting used to.

The Facebook Page gives you handy hints on how to use the app, plus heads up when a new filter is released (they are often only available for 1 -2 days for you to install).  The Support FAQs are also worth a quick read for hints on how to use the app. You can import all your Instagram photos into Tadaa if you like, and keep them in sync via a setting.

With last year’s Instagram debacle ballooning the Tadaa registered users to almost 2m, it is the next hot thing. Only available on iOS at present (sorry Android), and there is no dedicated iPad app as yet. They are a small team of 5 beavering away in Germany so hopefully they will soon be snapped up by Twitter and replace that hopeless photo editing app Twitter launched last year.

After a few days of using Tadaa, I think I will just use the photo editing and give the social community a miss (there are only so many apps a girl can fit into her life!). If you enjoy zooshing up your photos, then the advanced features of Tadaa are definitely worth a look and the iTunes ratings are excellent.

You can download Tadaa here.


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  1. Thanks for the introduction, Simone. I agree with everything you say – the photo editing tools are awesome (although can be a bit un-intuitive) but I don’t have the energy to invest efforts into another social community! One other niggle is the design – when I first saw their logo I wasn’t sure if I’d found the right app. Seems a bit gimmicky somehow. And the “100t’s” that I’ve apparently won make it look like a cheap Poker app. Other than that, it’s a very cool app. I much prefer the discovery element of it as well – it has a nice way of scrolling through interesting content.

    Also good that you can sync it to your Instagram app (and import all your Instagram photos at the start) and I see there is an alternative to the Facebook link sharing function you mentioned – the option to upload the photo to a Facebook album instead of posting a link. Creates a bit of a disconnect but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing as 99% of my Facebook friends won’t use the app anyway.

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