I discovered Timehop the other day – it’s your iPhone’s equivalent of time travel! If you are a foursquare user you’ll remember when  4SquareAnd7YearsAgo launched (letting you know where you checked in a year ago). Timehop is made by the same crowd and it wants to be the place where you do your online reminiscing. Timehop sample

It’s a cool little iOS app sends you daily (via the app or email) a snapshot of your tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos from that exact same day year or more ago so you can relive some of that last year magic (mine goes back 3 years). It also has a social component so you can share these with your friends who also use Timehop – the default sharing is off which might be a good thing.

CEO Jonathan Wegener says almost 40% of the Timehop users check the app each day – which is impressive considering there is only one function you can really do on the app. Android users will need to sign up for the email edition until an Android app is released.

Note: If you’re an active user of Twitter, you’ll need to upload your Twitter archive into Timehop as it can only access your last 3,500 tweets via the API. Simple to do – just add your archive here. Mine took about a week to kick in (might have something to do with the number of tweets maybe…?).

It is almost cringeworthy seeing some of my posts from a year or more ago. Remember when your Facebook status updates started with ‘is looking forward to the weekend’. Yep, that. However, seeing the tweets and photos is great if you are into nostalgia or like fondly scrolling back through your timeline. You can’t see yesterday’s TimeHop though – each day it is replaced with the current day’s time capsule.

The one drawback is that after installing the app you need to wait until the next day before you can see your tweets and posts in The Way Back When Machine. It would be great to be able to see the current day straight away.

Looking at the tweets to @timehop, I can see there are some real fans – people love getting these little reminders of moments from the past. There are also a few tweets from people who have been reminded of stuff they would rather forget – oh why do you have such a good memory internet??! It is encouraging to see they are active on Twitter and provide first level support there too. 

You can download Timehop for free here. Enjoy!


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  1. Love this little app and being surprised and delighted by what I was doing a year ago. Don’t know if it’s intentional, but the fact that the Timehop notification seems to arrive at random times every day just adds to its charm.

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