June 23, 2013

What I’ll Miss

In just over a week we are moving offices. To this one, in fact.

Moving offices is a bit like starting a new job. Or moving house. You know that feeling after you have unpacked the  kitchen a bit and then turn your mind to the outside world? You have to find out the name of your local barista, which petrol station is the closest, how full the bus is when it gets to your stop, whether the walking school bus has other kindred spirits on it and wait to see if your cat decides to stay or trek back to your last location. It’s exciting and full of adventure and newness, while still having some of the sameness of beforehand.

When moving offices, your job doesn’t change so the output expected remains the same, the workmates are the same, but the way we will be working will be very different, the location and working environment will be new and modern, and we are packing up and leaving a building after more than 20 years which in itself is a huge task to tackle. Already we are working with less paper and storage, and using technology better so we can all work smarter. But nevertheless, there are some things I will miss about being right in the centre of town which won’t be available at our new location.

Probably the thing I’ll miss most will be popping out for a sandwich and coming back with new shoes. This actually happens. Here’s a recent example.


There are great local eateries and bars that I’ll probably pine for, and a Post Office that handles all my online shopping returns. The cluster of hotels nearby means a taxi is always within reach, no waiting required. The spa next door does a steady trade of pedicures and beauty treatments for the ladies in the office. However, walking down 28 flights of stairs during a fire drill in the stilettos bought at lunchtime will not be missed. At all.

I’m really looking forward to some of the new things:

  • Fantastic new office space, facilities and working environment
  • Opening an office window for some fresh air – yes, opening a window!!
  • Summertime evenings at Wynard Quarter and Silo Park
  • Countless new Instagram snaps from the window (the open window!) and new sunset perspectives
  • Brand new facilities encouraging lunchtime exercise (maybe).
  • Using a standing desk occassionally instead of sitting all day (despite stilettos)

I really can’t wait. It is an exciting time and one of lots of change. I’ll miss the central city location but looking forward to the new office and working environment. Adios Auckland CBD!


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  1. North Wharf > North West.

    I’ll miss the classic Friday breakout times, with Wiggles coloured decor and a stainless steel fridge. I won’t miss the angry “Please stand clear of the doors” lift lady.

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