There’s been a bit of backlash for poor old Instagram after the introduction of their video sharing feature last week. And just when they had everything going so well!

Many frustrated users find the video feature a bit flaky, videos not uploading, videos not playing properly and others just highly insulted by these noisy videos entering their previously silent and uncluttered streams. Video interrupts the user experience – it stops you, makes you watch it (for 15 whole seconds!) and then you can continue scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

One aspect which seems to have irked many, is that the video is set to auto play which is annoying and also churns through mobile data if you are on 3G.

instagramTo turn Auto Play off go to Settings and switch the toggle over.  So much better!

Some of the annoyance is just teething issues – these will pass once everyone stops videoing their lunch, because it doesn’t take a genius to work out that is not very enthralling. But if Instagram uses this feature to shoehorn in brand ads (as it has been rumoured), there will be consumer backlash. There is backlash now and it’s just from watching pets being cute!

Who would ever have thought we would be saying ‘Look I don’t have 15 seconds to watch this right now’? First world problems indeed. At least the videos don’t loop like they do on Vine.