Someone said to me the other day that Twitter was boring. Why? Every time they looked at Twitter, it was the same 7 people talking.  That struck me as strange, because that is not my Twitter – but we all have different Twitters, don’t we? What you see is different from what I see, which is different from what that guy on the bus sees.

If you are finding your Twitter boring, here are 2 simple tips that will revive your feed:

First, locate someone who you always read on Twitter. You know that person whose avatar always catches your eye, and you pause long enough to read what they say because it is funny, useful, insightful or relevant in some way to you. Check out that person’s Twitter timeline – who do they tweet to regularly  Who are the people they always talk to? Chances are you will find a few people there who you don’t already follow. Add them into your Twitter stream and suddenly you start seeing a whole lot more conversations because you are following both sides of the chatter. It’s like getting an invitation into a secret club –  this is where everyone is hanging out!

Secondly, take a hard look at your Twitter feed. Scroll down through the tweets. All those people or accounts that you automatically scroll on past because you kind of know they are not going to be interesting? Unfollow them. Be a bit ruthless! Everyone needs to do a bit of Twitter housekeeping from time to time, and let’s face it – if you aren’t reading their tweets, then why are you following them anyway?

Those are my 2 simple steps to giving your Twitter a fast makeover – let me know if you have other quick tips? I’d love to hear them.


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  1. I’d go hashtag hunting. Explore a new topic or something quirky like #agilemarketing or #storytelling and see who comes up of interest. Or try trends in your area .

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