It’s been a week since moving into our new office digs, and what a fabulous environment it is! You can feel the buzz in the air as everyone settles in and explores the premises.

One of the biggest changes is the freedom to choose where you sit. I’ve sat at a different desk each day, and as a result I’ve chatted to new people each time. The flexibility of being able to choose the best desk for the type of work you are doing is fantastic. You just rock up to any free desk, sit down, log on and you are away. On the first day I was overexcited and sat at 4 different desk configurations during the course of the day – I felt like I was Goldilocks. As the week progressed, I managed to temper this a bit, and sat at 1 or 2 desks each day.


For example, on Wednesday I chose this cosy environment so I could concentrate and not be disturbed too much by the chatter of others. These desks have high sides so you don’t get distracted by those to either side and opposite you, and the slight padding absorbs surrounding noise. The lamp on the desk makes it feel like you are in plush library.

The open layout has meant that I have bumped into many more people just walking around than I would have in our old building. There are loads of casual conversations taking place and less emails being sent. The only challenge can be locating someone if you don’t know where they are perched that day, but there are a number of different technology tools to help you track them down.


These ‘ear chairs’ are perfect for a quiet chat with someone. The padded ‘ears’ keep your conversation more private – and they are surprisingly effective. Or you can just sit down in one by yourself and crank through a few emails.

There are plenty of other desk configurations that encourage collaboration and creativity – and it’s been great fun giving them all a whirl depending on the situation.


This funky meeting pod is my favourite. It’s like being on another planet!  But it’s not all about cool looking rooms – just having more space and being in contact with more people during the course of the day means that you can  quickly have a chat in a free collaboration space. The need to book meetings a few days in advance in a dedicated room has reduced dramatically, which has positive spin offs for productivity and the speed of making decisions or sharing information.

I’m looking forward to the last wave of people moving in – the building will really start humming then.

Hopefully none of them are the Three Bears.



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  1. That is so cool! My only question… if you’re using a hotdesk keyboard, you don’t know if any closet non hand-washer has used it before you… do ASB have hand sanitiser stuck to each desk or pod?

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