I’ve been discovering a few new blogs lately and it has given me a fresh perspective on what I look for when visiting a new blog. Just like when you travel to a new city, you want to know what this place is famous for, where the important stuff is, what is good round here and how to find out more if you need to.

A blog is the same. When I visit new blogs I like to read a few posts (I may have arrived via a link to a particular post, so I’ll want to read that first). I won’t want to have an annoying pop-up in my face asking me to subscribe by email – how do I know if I’d like to subscribe before I have sampled the content? I’m not psychic.

If I like your post, then I’ll want to share it on Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn or email so there should be share buttons at the bottom of the post – yes the bottom of the post, which is where I am after reading the article. I am not at the top of the post after reading it. Don’t make me go all the way up there to share it! I might get distracted and then I’ll forget to share your content, despite best intentions. I also might want to post a comment (at the bottom of the post) or read comments made by others and how you responded.

Once I’ve read and shared then I’ll want to be able to take a look around your blog – your layout should help me with that (blogs that don’t let you get to the Home page or find other content are very frustrating!).

I will probably want to find out a bit about you, so I’ll look for an About tab on the menu. I’ll also want to see what other people have liked and read – the most popular posts – after all, not every post is going to be a literary work of art, so I might not see your best work without a bit of help. I’ll take a look at the sidebar to see if there is a ‘Most Read‘ or ‘Most Commented‘ widget, or the top menu to see if there is a tab for those popular posts.

If you feature other content such as your tweets, or Instagram pics, then I might look at those to see what you’ve been sharing recently to get a feel of what kind of a person you are. I might want to follow you on those platforms, so I’ll look for an easy way to do that.

Lastly if I really like the look of your blog and want to subscribe to your future posts then I’ll add you into my RSS – I mean Feedly! –  or perhaps even subscribe by email (although I have been on a mission to cull subscription emails lately).

That’s what I look for when visiting a new blog – I’ve tweaked my own blog here to make those things easier for readers – but you might be different?