Here’s a few of the interesting things I have stumbled across on the internet this week. Hope you enjoy them!

Standing Desk

  • Recently I’ve been using this standing desk in our new office, so I found this article interesting. It’s written by Gina Trapani after she used a standing desk for 12 months.
  • Take a look at this Atlantic article about why there are no fat people in Paris – and also no athletic people either.
  • If you love using apps on your iPhone, read this article by NY Times Nick Bilton (one of my favourite tech journos) – A Day In The Life of My iPhone –Β which has heaps of great apps and how he uses them.
  • Worried about the GCSB spying on you? Here’s the story of someone who went ‘surveillance free‘ for a day. Not as easy as it sounds.
  • I love the look of this Cocoon Grid-It Organiser. So simple and so strong!