Here are a few of the finds I stumbled across this week. Happy reading!

  • Everybody knows an introvert – in fact you are probably surrounded by us <insert evil laugh>.  But sometimes it can be confusing about what you should do when you are trying to interact with one. Here’s an excellent guide by cartoonist Schroeder Jones that is worth a read if you work with, are friends with, are related to or are in love with an introvert.

IFTTT Mobile Recipe

  • IFTTT (If This Then That) service took the world by storm a couple of years ago, and programmers and lifehackers rose to the challenge of using IFTTT for things you have never thought of. Take a look at these top 10 mobile IFTTT recipes, some which might actually be useful (eg ‘Backup my contacts to Google Spreadsheet’).
  • This guy made a CV that looks like Google search results. Clever. So clever in fact that I needed to look at it twice to appreciate how he customised the page.
  • If you are planning on dusting off your camera this weekend and indulging in some photography, get some inspiration first: 2013 winners of the National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest.
  • How long before you never need to leave home again? Not as far away as you think.
  • Lastly, this shark wearing cat on a robot vacuum cleaner has been whirling around the internet. And it wouldn’t be the internet without cats, right?

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