Snap, crop, filter, scroll scroll…. my fingers whir through the Instagram settings almost blindfolded. Amaro, Valencia, Rise, Lo-Fi, Mayfair – I know all my favourite filters like old buddies.

If you are like me, you love your Instagram pics. Here are some cool ideas to use them in other ways:

Turn them into fridge magnets. This Stickygram website will let you select a few of your favourite Instagram pics to make into magnets. Great gifts! Although for USD$30 for nine 50mm x 50mm magnets (free shipping), it’s a bit on the pricey side. If you have images you’d like to turn into magnets but don’t want to have them on your public Instagram profile (for example, pics of your kids), then create a private profile, upload the photos, then use that one to grant access to the Stickygram website.

Send your Instagrams as postcards using Postagram. Great for travellers! iPhone and Android apps available, or you can send from the web.

Make a memory box, stickers, square prints, a poster, a book, giftcards and moreΒ of your ‘grams, then this Printstagram site does all those (and ships internationally).

Make your own Instagram highlights reel with Everlapse. The only aspect I didn’t like about this service was that it forced a tweet to access the service. Not cool – very 2010.

Create a mosaic of your Instagrams for your Facebook cover photo or Twitter background using INK361. I has varying success with these – the formatting is not quite spot on, and the product name is inserted into your image. However, it’s nice to see a collection of your photos as your background. also creates a mosaic background of your most recent Instagram images.

Finally, if you haven’t seen the Nickleback parody of Instagram users, you will laugh at this (perhaps somewhat awkwardly). Enjoy!