“Like to win THIS and THIS and THIS!” Facebook have changed the promotion rules today so you’re likely to see a lot more shouty, spammy giveaway posts in your Newsfeed.

This change makes quick competitions so much easier for brand pages – no more third party apps are required when brands have a few promo t-shirts or spare event tickets to give away. The drawback will be that the Newsfeed will be cluttered with brands begging shamelessly for Likes and Comments to have their posts organically shared into the Newsfeeds of you and me.

What should brands do? Don’t be tempted to fall into the trap of using Facebook to dispose a ton of free stuff, or to run a quick giveaway when you don’t have any content. There will be an increase in the volumes of these competitions and consumers are likely to get more trigger happy with the Hide feature on posts. And when they click ‘Hide’ they are also tempted with these options…. and you don’t want them to click either of these options. Ever.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 8.37.43 PM

Larger campaigns are still likely to use apps or microsites, as there is value from collecting and leveraging the entrant data for future marketing or leads. The new Page terms are here.

A few things for Page admins to consider:

  • Where will you disclose the T&Cs for the competition that the user is agreeing to by liking/commenting?
  • If the prize is for the 50th comment, then will your threaded comments show which comment was the 50th one?
  • How will you cull fake likes or comments?
  • Capturing contact details from the entrants won’t be possible, you’ll still need an app for that
  • Tagging or requiring shares of your posts is not permitted.

Facebook also made some changes to the Newsfeed algorithm for Pages, penalising content that is meme or low quality content.

The question is – will these kinds of competitions be considered low quality content by the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm? Because if they are, brands will be forced to run the posts as Promoted Posts in order to obtain a decent reach.

Well played, Facebook.