Here’s a few links that I found this week. Enjoy!

  • Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has made radical changes to the company since she joined a year ago. This unauthorised biography takes a look at what makes her tick, her upbringing, the early days at Google, and her role as a CEO and mother.
  • If you are feeling inspired after reading that, then this article about how to delegate effectively is essential reading.
  • is still evolving, however the Atlantic weighs in with some criticism about the popular blogging community, pointing fingers at paid content and very poor content.
  • Kickstarter announced this week that it is coming soon to NZ and Australia. Which reminded me of this post from a disappointed Kickstarter investor about his Pebble watch.
  • This video did the rounds on the interweb earlier this week. Everyone watches it, laughing guiltily. And then puts their phone away. A great reminder to appreciate what is happening, while it is happening.

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