Facebook changed the competition rules last week so I’ve been keeping an eye out to see how brands will comply with the new terms.

Here’s a shoe giveaway from Country Road last week. They’ve used the commenting feature as the entry mechanism to win the shoes, and included a link in the post to their website to encourage sales. One entrant tagged herself in the photo – unfortunately she wasn’t the winner.

country road facebook giveaway

Then they’ve added a comment to their Page Post to absolve Facebook from any association with the competition, plus a link for the T&Cs, which went to a Facebook tab (interestingly enough!). This tab was also used to announce the winner.

A bit messy, no?

There must be a better way that allows brands to run simple giveaways, but meet the rules and terms. It will be interesting to see how the larger brands embrace this. Undoubtedly some of the smaller brands will just flout the rules and not bother with all the legal mumbo jumbo.

If you’ve seen any brands take advantage of the new competition rules, let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Still seeing lots of brands using Share as an entry mechanism which is not only against Facebook rules, but also makes it exceptionally hard to draw a winner as only those with lax privacy settings will be in the draw to win.

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