I stumbled across someone’s blog the other day that I hadn’t visited before. Nice enough blog, quite a few posts, good blurb about the writer etc. I looked at one of the posts – 50 comments! Impressed, I started scrolling through them. Can you guess? Yep, spam. Lots of spam. In fact mostly spam. And they had been left published on the blog.

Disappointed, I left that blog, and probably won’t revisit in a hurry. If you can’t keep your website clean then you probably don’t take pride in your work. It’s a bit like going to an open home and finding the rubbish bins overflowing, the beds unmade and letterbox mail scattered all over the kitchen bench. It’s just laziness and disorganisation really.

Which got me thinking about people that start blogs but lose enthusiasm, or don’t have time, or become discouraged because no-one reads what they write. If you are one of those that started a blog 3 years ago, posted 4 times but have done nothing during the past 12 months…. then maybe it’s time to declare that experiment over and close down your blog. Because in another 2 years when you are looking for a new role and the recruiter asks you about what they found on the internet, you might be wishing you’d just archived it all away as your views have changed or your skills have improved and are not represented accurately by your blog.

And it’s not just blogs – it’s also social media accounts you signed up for once, or used for a while but haven’t been back for ages. I’m guilty of this – my Pinterest account just sits there. I think I have revoked access from Twitter so now I can’t even log in! One day I might use it again – maybe for pinning some home decorating pictures or craft ideas for the kids, but for now it is dormant. There is really only a limited space in your life for social media accounts – more than 3 or 4 active ones and you start running on this treadmill of posting, checking, commenting, posting, checking, commenting, posting, checking…..

Which leads me to this site that I found last week that I thought might be useful. If you are wanting to do a bit of an internet cleanup, justdelete.me can help you. It tells you how to delete your accounts (and data – very important to delete the data too!) from a whole heap of websites such as Facebook, NY Times and LinkedIn, right through to Craigslist, Ask.fm, Path and Etsy. JustDelete.me will take you to the appropriate page on each website where you can delete your account. It gives each of the 250 sites a rating from Easy to Impossible, and has extra info for those sites that stubbornly refuse to let you go. Take Skype for instance – you need to know the month you signed up for Skype in order to delete your account. I don’t even remember which YEAR I signed up, let alone which month!

The somewhat bad news is that if you have a WordPress.com account (like this very blog) that you want to remove, JustDelete Me says: “WordPress.com accounts cannot be deleted.” The best you can do is remove any identifying data from your account. 

I’m going to bookmark this one for later as I think I’ll be referring to it more than once.