September 8, 2013

Weekend Reads #7

Here are a few reads and links that I found on the internet this week for you:

  • “iPhone chargers are more important than lipstick.”Β Hot on the heels of NZ Fashion Week, it’s great to see articles about how fashion bloggers are now rubbing shoulders with international media at global fashion events. The media landscape continues to evolve and the fashion and tech industries have embraced the bloggerati.
  • Airbnb is a popular option for travel accommodation, particularly in the US. This LA Times article reveals that in tough financial times, some homeowners are relying on the service as a regular source of income. An Airbnb survey showed thatΒ 56% of hosts in San Francisco use their earnings to help pay their mortgage or rent – and the influx of traffic, strangers and noise is upsetting neighbours. They claim that homeowners are skirting zoning laws and regulations which hotels and boarding houses need to comply with, and taking away trade from these legitimate businesses.
  • While on the topic of travel accommodation, if you’re kind of a big deal on Instagram, you’ll love this Sydney 1888 hotel that has just opened and has heavy social media integration throughout the design, including a #selfie wall. Those with over 10,000 followers can stay one night for free! Almost worth buying some fake followers for.
  • Lastly, if you find yourself digging around for scraps of paper to jot down notes because you haven’t quite got the hang of using your iPhone to do that, you might like these. Made for the iPhone 5, these Post-It Notes stick to the back of your phone so your to do list is always super handy. Why didn’t we think of this before?


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