Here are a few of the best reads and links I’ve found on the internet this week for you:

  • Fancy yourself as a bit of a puzzle whiz? Good with numbers and patterns? Want to be a spy? Well, then this challenge will be right up your alley. The GCHQ (UK’s national intelligence and security agency) is recruiting code breakers who can crack this code. And it is not easy. Best part about this story was reading that the GCHQ’s Head of Resourcing is called Jane Jones. As if!
  • How Not To Be Alone is a thought-provoking NY Times article reflecting on how technology is forcing itself between us and life.
  • This unofficial Goldman Sachs Guide to being a man is a good reference for everyone, not just men. It contains pearls of wisdom such as “Place-dropping is worse than name-dropping”, “It’s better if old men cut your hair” and “You may only request one song from the DJ”.
  • Parents will relate to this NY Times article “Chained to the Hearth or Warmed by It?” about how parenting expectations are often so different from the reality and involves a large chunk of compromise.
  • This Mini “Not Normal” campaign delivered 2,000 personalised messages flashed to Mini drivers on the London roads. Some even got treats. Quite handraulic, but I like the personalised component of this campaign.

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  1. This is becoming a weekend ritual thank you! Also, Mini USA did something interesting too but I’m not sure it didn’t border on creepy… billboards automatically changed to display your name when sensors detect your RFID key fob:

  2. Thanks ! nice post!

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