My weekend reads have morphed into mid-week this time. Just for you, here are 5 of the best links I’ve read over the past 10 days.

  • This article is a few weeks old now but it has all the tips for getting off a parking ticket. The information was supplied by Auckland Transport after an Official Information Act request, and then a complaint to the Ombudsman to have the redacted parts unveiled. Over 200 comments too. Bookmark this one for when you need it!
  • The NY Times discusses how having social media-free zones and being inaccessible are the new status symbols. Interesting concept.
  • Are you always feeling rushed for time? This TIME article nails the difference between managing time and managing bandwidth. A good read for super busy people (ironically).
  • Personal branding often comes with a lot of networking. If you are an introvert, this prospect can be more than a bit daunting. Here’s an HBR article with some tips to tackle it.
  • Ever wanted to stick your phone or tablet somewhere? Like say, on the fridge while you are cooking so you can see the recipe, or on a wall so your kids can stand in front and FaceTime or Skype you? Or  maybe you want to mount your phone to the dash when you are driving so you can follow the Google maps sat-navigation? This company has made skins for Apple and Samsung devices that let you attach them to smooth surfaces. Watch the video here:

Missed one? My previous weekend reads are here:

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