This week, I am not in the office. I’m being mum with my girls which means doing things like dividing three biscuits evenly between two hungry little people, or going on forest walks. Things like teaching them how to tie shoe laces, or – on a whim – racing down to the waterfront to wave at Team New Zealand. Things like getting my butt kicked at ten-pin bowling or trying new food at the night markets.

So, here are a few stories and links I’ve found lately for mums and dads to read, because this week it made sense to share some of these.

  • This heartfelt NY Times story written by the daughter of a feminist, shares her perspective from the other side of the 1960s women’s movement when her mother broke free of the figurative shackles she associated with the kitchen. “I went from being well-fed and popular in third grade to near skeletal and often mocked in fifth. I wasn’t anorexic; I just didn’t know how to cook.”
  • Vanity Fair published this article about teens, social media and porn. Not light-hearted reading. “My little cousin, she’s 13, and she posts such inappropriate pictures on Instagram, and boys post sexual comments, and she’s like, ‘Thank you,’” said Marley, a New York public-school girl. “It’s child pornography, and everyone’s looking at it on their iPhones in the cafeteria.”
  • On a less sombre note, here’s a lovely blog written by a mother about the delight and memories of bedtime reading with her daughter. “I remember certain images from that book as though they were from my own childhood. And then there is the present moment, reading those words to Lucy, hearing as an adult how dark and hard this book is, and not flinching from reading her the hard parts, since they will elicit a stream of questions I can try to answer for her, questions about mean people and loneliness and karma and resilience. And there is also the imagining of what her memories will be of these words and how we shared them.”
  • And as a feel-good finish, here is a touching video of 15-year old Jack Andraka who, after losing his uncle to pancreatic cancer, invented an early detection method for cancer that won Grand Prize at the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Nice one, Jack.

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