A quick round-up of a few links that you might have missed this week.

1. Wordsmiths, writers and ad guys will love this. Ever needed a word to be invented to describe a situation that everyone encounters? This clever website wordsforthat.com allows you to submit suggestions and vote on existing entries. Here’s a few examples to give you an idea…

Sololol: A word for when you’re all alone but laughing out loud at something you read/watch. Example: “My dog always gets scared when I start solololling out of nowhere.”

LockBlock: Locking yourself out of a car because you tried to pull the door handle at exactly the same time your friend unlocks the car.

2. If you think your house or apartment is a bit cramped, take a look at these 42sqm Hong Kong spaces that are stacked up ontop of each other. I bet you’ll be feeling better about your place after looking at these.

3. This guy explains the options relating to global warming in such frighteningly simple terms, you’ll feel terrified and educated at the same time. Worth watching.

4. Do you think you can read people’s emotions? Here is a NY Times quiz that asks you to guess how the person is feeling, just from a photo of their eyes. I got 30/36 and was feeling quite smug until my super clever friend Victoria got 34/36. Give it a whirl and let me know in the comments your score!

5. If you have an iPhone running iOS7, and you are finding your battery running down faster than before, here are some tips that will help make it last longer. Most of these settings are hidden – I found a few I didn’t know about.

6. Lastly, if those pesky LinkedIn emails annoy you, here’s how to get rid of them on one click.

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