Here’s a collection of the best tumblrs I’ve found lately that I thought you might enjoy:

  • How May We Hate You? This is a tumblr full of entirely true stories from two Times Square hotel concierges (names changed to protect the innocent). Oh the tales they can tell! Here’s an example of the daily hilarity:

Read more hotel stories here.

  • Sad Etsy Boyfriends. This tumblr profiles those poor men who have been subjected to modelling their GF’s Etsy home crafted wares for posting on the internet. This lucky fellow got to wear earrings.

Sad Etsy Boyfriends

Take a look at the rest of these sad, sad blokes here.

  • This is not a tumblr, but is probably the best Twitter list I’ve seen so far. These Twitter accounts are tweeting the movie Back To The Future – in real time.

The Hill valley Project

Jump into your De Lorean and take a look at the The Hill Valley Project Twitter list here.

  • Lastly, if you haven’t seen Humans Of New York, then you need to. This photographer is taking photos of 10,000 people in New York. It’s a real collection of photo journalism and culture, but the best parts are the stories they tell. HONY is also on Facebook hereΒ (and there’s even a book too).


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