Today had a disappointing experience for me.

In November, I took up thisΒ Daily Do Offer of two personalised Santa Sacks for my kids. A friend of mine had ordered one the year before and had told me about it, so when the offer came round again this year, I grabbed it. It was a 24 hour deal and I duly filled out all the forms, paid, went online, and completed all the information. Done! Or so I thought.

About a week ago, I suddenly wondered where these Santa Sacks had gotten to. I dug out the emails and sent a query off to the Daily Do team, who sent the query on to Active Print who were fulfilling the order. On Friday 20th December, I’d not heard any more, so I followed up with another email (feeling slightly anxious now).

Today, on 24th December, I received an email containing the tracking number for the courier. Hooray! I watched it online being transferred across various drivers, and at 4:20pm the parcel arrived.

Personalised Santa Sack

With two 7 year-olds in the house, Christmas is at fever pitch so I whisked the delivery away from inquisitive little eyes and opened it up. Imagine my disappointment to discover that there was only one personalised Santa Sack inside. At 4:20pm on Christmas Eve there is nothing that can be done before Christmas – even if the second one is floating around courier depots somewhere, or if it was never printed in the first place. The sacks are marked with the date (including year) so I can’t use this Santa Sack next year (when she will be 8 years-old), presumably to drive repeat orders the following year. I can’t use one sack for one child and not for her sister (what do you say ‘sorry Santa didn’t have a sack for you’?) so it is a wasted effort all round.

I’ve already requested a refund although I’m not expecting a reply on Christmas Eve. My frustration is that the goods were ordered on 7 November. Since the company has had my money for 6 weeks, they could have avoided this situation by fulfilling and dispatching the order 2 weeks ago, giving plenty of time to fix up any issues like this.

Unfortunately now, I’m just disappointed and won’t be ordering again, so they’ve lost any repeat business from me. A look at their Facebook Page shows it riddles with complaints! I wish retailers would up their game for online shoppers – close enough is just not good enough in 2013.

End of my Grinch post. I know Christmas for my 7 year-olds will still be sensational with or without any Santa Sacks. I hope yours is too!