Today I got an email from Pinterest. It caught my eye because it was telling me that something I pinned earlier was on SALE. That magic 4 letter word which sends a thrill down the spine of many avid shoppers. Now, if I see something online, and like it enough to think I might want to look at it again one day, then I might pin it to a Pinterest board. The likelihood of me ever going back to that website to look at it? Virtually nil.


However, if it is suddenly 20% off, then my interest is renewed and I’ll click through to Pinterest from the email, and then on to the retailers website …. and maybe even buy it. Very, very slick. Pinterest is turning pinners into shoppers.

This feature was announced by Pinterest last year, but this is the first time it has happened to me. Only retailers who are passing price information through to Pinterest via Rich PinsΒ will be able to trigger these emails, and it only happens when a price drop of 10% or more is detected. If your pin has been repinned by other Pinterest users, they’ll get the email too.

It’s a very smart move. Pinterest clips the ticket for the website referral traffic, and the retailer sells more stock. It’s encouraging to see social platforms monetising their business in a way that is targeted, simple and customer focused.

I only hope that I won’t be getting an inbox of these every day because I’ll be broke. So far there is no way to select a particular retailer or a Pinterest board that you would like to receive these alerts for, so if they become more widespread, there is a danger they turn into spam. Pinterest have attempted to address this by bundling all the items with a price alert into just one email, however customisation options would be preferable.

I wonder if now my pinning behaviour will change so that I pin more items that I might possibly buy, if onlyΒ they were on sale…


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  1. Love it! This is a brand being helpful. Consumers will only want to deal with these kinds of brands in the future – ones that look after the customer’s best interests.

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