Over the past week or so, I’ve been trying out new content curation service Nuzzel.com which is bravely endeavouring to “solve the problems of social overload”. Launched by the founder of Friendster, this service pulls in articles shared on the social web by your Twitter and Facebook friends, or even friends of those friends. Assuming your social networks are probably jam-packed with people who share your interests, this is a good way to uncover links or articles that you are likely to want to read.

I suspect the numbers of shares for each article are a bit on the light side, which is possibly more to do with the way links are shared that the tracking system itself. Even so I’ve uncovered articles that I missed seeing through Twitter or other sources. Plus, allowing you to widen your net to Friends of Friends means that you can dip into an expanded circle, but still anchored to your interests.

Nuzzel is free, and works best on desktop browser, although an iOS app is rumoured to be in the works.


Speaking of iOS apps, Medium.com have launched a beautiful iPhone app this week, allowing you to read Medium posts on your phone. Medium is a blogging platform launched about 18 months ago by Ev Williams, one of the Twitter founders. Although I have been sporadic in my visits to Medium lately, some excellent posts are published there and it’s well worth taking a skim through the categories to find thoughts and opinions outside the normal media sources. Despite the controversial decision to not provide any writing or publishing functionality on the iPhone app, it does show that Ev and the team at Medium have a clear strategy of how they want readers and writers to engage with their platform.

Download the Medium for iPhone app here.

PS – On Nuzzel, you can see the feeds of other people, including Ev. Take a look at what his friends are sharing here.