A social media concierge at your wedding? Really? Really???

Yes, really. There’s a new service being offered by W Hotel – for the not-insignificant sum of US $3,000. Splashing out on this will get you:

  • an ‘official’ wedding hashtag
  • live tweeting of the event, plus directing guests to use the hashtag
  • a Pinterest board for your gift registry and honeymoon ideas
  • a Shutterfly book of the best social media moments from your wedding
  • a Wedding Blog
  • Vines and Instagram photos and videos

Modern weddings are responding to current trends – bridal couples want snappy, sharable, and fun 30 second videos, not a 3-hour extravaganza. They are no longer dependent on the long turn-around times for a pricey wedding album which can be weeks or even months after the confetti has been swept away. Staid official photos of the wedding party have been overlapped by a quick collage of pics with an Instagram filter applied. Wedding party selfies Ellen-style are not far away either. Disposable cameras for guests at the wedding reception is just so 2010, isn’t it?

Does this mean we will see the social media wedding concierge replace the traditional photographer and videographer roles? Maybe not completely, but it certainly sends a strong signal that the style and methods of recording a wedding day have changed, and that adding social media options to these services would be smart.

A number of practicalities spring to mind.

  • Which Twitter and Instagram accounts are used for all this live tweeting and photos? Is a new account created specially for the wedding with no followers? Or is the bride’s accounts used? The groom’s? The social media concierge’s?
  • Who decides which Instagram filter is best?
  • How long is the hashtag? #WillAndKatesWedding #MrAndMrsKimye #OurSpecialDay #SecondTimeLucky
  • Will the concierge be walking round capturing and posting the whole day from Google Glass?

Perhaps this is an American trend, however it contrasts starkly with a number of Kiwi weddings I’ve seen that have specifically requested that guests refrain from sharing photos on social media. No social media spoilers please! Trying to stem the flow of Instagram photos and Facebook posts may be an ambitious and almost outdated endeavour so perhaps having a social concierge at your wedding embraces this trend, rather than fights to control it.

Here is the full rundown of what W Hotels are offering in their wedding package:

However, if you think all that is crazy then take a look at this wedding video showing the happy couple updating their Facebook relationship statuses. At the alter.

Do you think a social media wedding concierge is a good idea?