Gembox Necklace and bracelet

Accessories are not my strong point – I often admire fashionable women who effortlessly throw together necklaces, earrings, scarves and belts to add that extra oomph to their outfit. So I was intrigued when a friend of mine told me about Gembox: a subscription service that sends you a selection of stylish jewellery each month for just $25 p/mth. I signed up that night.

This online fashion service starts with a short quiz that will help you choose one of 4 different style options: Boho Love, Vintage Glam, Classic Chic or Urban Rock.  After ordering online, your Gembox arrives at the beginning of the following month – I love the surprise factor and the excitement of opening the delivery.

Four Gembox styles

Each box contains 2-4 pieces every month which could include necklaces, pendants, bracelets, adjustable rings, studs, earrings, hairbands, hair ties, floral headpieces or bangles, with a retail value between $50 – $70. Inside my Classic Chic box was a gorgeous statement necklace, a delicate heart bracelet and a hair donut accessory for making hair buns super easy (as modelled by Ms 7 below).

gembox collage

If you are wondering what goodies were in some of the other boxes, take a look at their Facebook Page where photos are often posted either by Gembox, or their customers. It is also reassuring to see the Gembox team accommodate customer requests and respond quickly to posts via social media.

I chose the single month option to try it out, but you can also choose from 3 or 6 monthly subscriptions, or sign up for a recurring monthly order you can cancel at anytime. And at just $25 per month (free delivery in NZ), you are not really risking much, right?

I spoke to Gembox founder, Kate Farrier to find out a bit more about this awesome startup (an offshoot from her Bellroad fashion website). Previously a web and graphic design whizz, Kate launched Gembox in December last year… and it’s been a runaway success right from the get go. The first month saw a flood of orders and in response they quickly scrambled to offer a mid-month box as a Christmas gift option. Smart!

Kate reached out to fashion bloggers, offering Gembox giveaways to spread the word amongst the local fashion community – a clever, effective marketing strategy. I was encouraged to hear that the most popular style is Classic Chic (my selection) which she describes as a “sophisticated, minimalistic style suiting most people”, followed by the more intricate and feminine Vintage Glam style.

Subscriptions are growing substantially each month – a reflection of how eager Kiwis are to embrace online subscription boxes, bolstered by the absence of competition either locally or overseas. Bubbling with enthusiasm, Kate talks excitedly about future plans for Gembox; the first will be the option to purchase items from a previous month’s delivery if you spy items that you fancy.

The key to success in a service like this is not only the end-to-end customer experience, but the appeal and wearability of the accessories themselves. So far I’ve been impressed!  Next month I am going to try out Vintage Glam and hopefully in a few months I will be accessorising with confidence. You can give Gembox a whirl yourself here.