Google auto awesome stiches images together to make a panorama

One of my more popular blogs is how to auto backup photos from your phone to the web. It seems that having a full camera roll and no spare space on your phone is a common problem! Flickr offers an autobackup option for photos – simple to use, keeps your photos full size, and will store 1 TB of data for free. A Terrabyte! Sounds perfect.

Yahoo login box forcing login changeWell, last week that all changed. Firstly Flickr decided that using login credentials from other networks such as Google were not acceptable and instead users would be forced to use (or create) a Yahoo account. After much gnashing of teeth, I did this – how else was I going to get all those photos I had faithfully stored there? Once that was in the past, I checked the auto back-up on my phone which showed photos had not synced with Flickr for a number of days. This process was flaky at the best of times, so I gave it a manual nudge. Failed. After a couple of attempts I turned to Google (are you listening, Yahoo?) and found support threads full of complaints about the Flickr autobackup no longer working under iOS7.

Right. Off I went to determine what my options were and Google+ seemed the best. An autobackup which seems to work, unlimited ‘standard size’ images backed up for free, some extra G+ features like auto-awesome available for your images and a password that I already know and use every day. So far, so good. New photos I’ve taken have happily autobacked up (I have the setting set to do this over Wi-Fi only, but you can elect to use your mobile data as well if you are super rich). I’m endeavouring to get all my current camera roll onto the G+ backup however this is proving problematic – only a couple of hundred of the 1700 have actually made it past the gate as it seems to time out. I’m persevering with it!

But what of all the images I had stored on Flickr? More Googling (listening, Yahoo?) and I found this service which grabbed 1,000 images off Flickr which kindly pumped them into Picassa/Google. I still have other images on Flickr which I have extracted to my desktop using a tool called Bulkr which let me extract the full set from Flickr for free. I can upload these to Google+ and then have all my images stored in the cloud again, in one place. All new photos are being automagically synced up to the cloud without needing to remember a thing, so I am back to my happy place. The only downside is that the ‘standard size’ Google lets you backup unlimited photos for free is 2048 px, so the original image size is not stored in the cloud unless you are willing to purchase additional storage over the 15GB initially provided.

On the flipside, Google does provide some awesome photo enhancing, like stitching together images to create a pano (notice how Ms 7 appears three times in the header photo of this post?), or 5 images taken in a short burst to create a gif. Read more about these features here.

Do you use an automatic back-up option for your phone photos?


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  1. I rely heavily on Dropbox’s Camera Upload feature. Having all my photos show up automagically in my Dropbox is super convenient – although I’m using a business account so space isn’t an issue as it often is for free accounts.

  2. I just sighed and signed up with a Yahoo ID, I’ve got too many photos on Flickr to move them. I use Dropbox for backing up my phone snaps, and use Flickr to publish the ‘best ones’, including those off our other, non-phone, cameras. Does Google+ make all your photos instantly publicly available to view, do you know?

  3. Incredibly useful post thanks!

  4. Great post, no I don’t other than my PC, mostly because I don’t want to keep or share all of my pics. I use Flickr because 1TB almost means no limits and Google because of enhancement features and the ability to easily add text to some pics, without using 3rd party software.

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