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BEEP!! BEEP!! BEEP!! The alarm on my phone bleeps loudly – surely it can’t be morning yet?? With my eyes still closed I fumble for my phone, somehow activate the snooze then slump back into my pillow.

A self-confessed night owl, mornings are not my best time. So when I stumbled across the Sleepytime calculator which claims to help you wake up refreshed and alert, I thought it was worth a go. The concept behind Sleepytime is that by waking up at the end of a sleep cycle, not in the middle of one, you won’t feel groggy and tired. To try it out yourself, go to the very basic looking website, plug in your desired wake time, and it calculates when you need to be snoozing by based on 90 minute sleep cycles. If you know when you go to sleep, but not when to set your alarm, the calculator will handle this too.

I’ve given Sleepytime a go over the past few nights, making sure I am in bed by 11:15pm to wake up at 6:45am. Both mornings I have woken naturally, slightly before my alarm. Unheard of! Maybe it is just having a cutoff time that I know I need to be asleep by, or maybe it is actually true about the sleep cycles. Asking on Twitter unearthed a few others who had also used Sleepytime with success, so I am not alone. People who had varying wake times found this calculator handy so they could work out what time to head to bed.

Sleepytime does not replace your alarm – it’s just a calculator. Keep in mind that it takes on average 14 minutes to fall asleep as well so you might need to factor this into your bedtime. If you are waking up feeling tired and groggy then it is certainly worth giving this a try – let’s face it, you have nothing to lose!

Let me know how you get on.


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  1. I downloaded this after hearing you talk about it on the radio. I was amazed at how I woke a few seconds before the alarm went!

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