My finger hovered over the ‘Post’ button when suddenly I noticed a cheeky seven year-old face grinning in the background of my photo. Damn! I fiddled with the image: recropping it, blurring the background, adjusting the brightness. I came to the conclusion the background would need to be removed. Too hard. Maybe I could just reshoot the photo? Also too hard.

What I really needed was this handy website. Background Burner is a free online tool that will automatically remove the background from your photos – useful when your backdrop is cluttered by something that distracts from the main image. Developed by an ecommerce trading site as an add-on for their sellers, this tool claims to remove the background with 70% accuracy (or 85% after a one-click correction).

How it works. In the past I’ve used a few other tools for image touchups and found them quite tricky and time consuming, so Background Burner appealed because it was so easy. Simply upload your pic to apply the clever algorithm to your photo, select one of the modified images, and fine tune if necessary.

This is an example of background burner working

I made a few edits to mine as shown in red and green (very quick to do and not fiddly at all), then you save the final image with a white or transparent background depending on how you want to use it. The results a pretty good – spending a bit more time and effort could improve the final image.

Who should use Background Burner? If you are like me, you probably go through phases of listing your unwanted household items for sale on TradeMe. A good picture can make your auction really stand out to potential buyers so it is worth the effort of tidying up the photos and removing anything that detracts from your listing. This tool will also be handy if you use your family snaps to create greeting cards (or calendars, mugs, fridge magnets or canvas prints) as gifts. And bloggers or anyone posting photos to the internet should give this a whirl too.

Check it out for yourself here.


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  1. Wow something for FREE that really works with no catches!!! Thanks for the great blog and review!!! I will be using the site from now on!!!! I have been searching and searching and now have found the buried treasure!!! rrrrrrr

  2. Well this sounded pretty good when I read about it… but then I actually used it and holy moly! Worked like a charm. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. SO gooood but how to subscribe this software permnently

  4. very good

  5. It won’t work -.- I only these Burn Preview, but not the burned image.

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  7. to good software but take tooo much time

  8. how to use it

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