There are a group of people on Twitter who persist with behaviour that seems to suggest that the rest of us are waiting anxiously for their next tweet. Unfortunately they are wrong. Many of these people are – perhaps surprisingly – self appointed social media ‘gurus’. Others are overly self-absorbed. Some are just dicks.

What it boils down to is this:

1. Twitter is for Twitter. Not lazy cross-posting from Facebook. Not Instagram. Not G+. Just Twitter.

2. Twitter is about being social and participating in the community. Not broadcasting about you and your life endlessly.

3. Twitter is about not being a dick in front of everyone, or pretending you are someone you are not. Stop channeling someone else and start channeling you.





I unfollow people who keep tweeting like this.

Do you?


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  1. Hallelujah sister.

    “Many of these people are – perhaps surprisingly – self appointed social media ‘gurus’.”

    This is the bit that resonates. I suspect in some cases the people concerned are overly worried about meaningless metrics because they can justify themselves to whoever pays the bills.

  2. Honest and straight to the point! Nice words.

  3. Preach it! I can’t handle the FB links on Twitter. Such an unattractive, lazy jerk move (that I’ve probably done myself at some stage).

  4. oh god, whoever does a curated paper named after themselves should be banned from internetting.

  5. That brand-bashing Tweet is usually at 11pm and usually followed by another half an hour later.

  6. Ba-doom! Brill (I almost got chills – ready for the bad behaviour I do. But I am just a dick on Twitter…. a contributing dick, I hope!

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